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Tightly sealed and lined ball valve

lined by PFA / ETFE and ceramics

The Roschütz ball valve
includes 2 advantages in one valve:

    • the ceramic components makes it resistant to abrasive media

    • resistant to aggressive media due to the PFA or ETFE lining

Our ball valve is unique on the market in this constellation. Ceramic valves have the major disadvantage that acids and alkalis can diffuse through the adhesive or sealings after a certain period of time and thus will destroy the housing of the fitting.

These problems you won't have with the Roschütz ball valve due to the perfect combination of PFA / ETFE and ceramic, which means that the Roschütz ball valve can be used in a wide range of high-performance chemicals.

TÜV Rheinland was also impressed by the unique quality of the Roschütz ball valve and issued a certificate after testing the BR1A series ball valves in accordance with EN ISO 15848-1: 2006.
The Roschütz ball valve:

  • optimized for high performance chemistry

  • for chemicals with solids

  • nominal sizes DN 25 up to DN 100

  • nominal pressure up to PN 16

  • Temperature -10°C ~ +120°C (14°F ~ 248°F)

  • manual and pneumatically driven

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