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Individual Coatings

flexibility for high-quality coatings
Let our flexibility be your advantage!
It is not always possible to line non-standard industrial valves. We have the flexibility you need to provide the most untypical industrial valves with the necessary corrosive protection.
Our coatings systems can be used extremely flexibly, a real advantage for us up to now.

Feel free to contact us! Your ideas want to be realized!

  • Flexible procedures with simple program change and adaptation
  • Cost-effective due to minimal tool requirements and set-up time
  • Our experience will shorten your development time
  • Use of 5-axis CNC as well as the CNC milling bench leave nothing to be desired and it will shorten the production time
  • Complete production in one company
  • Know-how and quality made in Germany

Still having an idea?
Are you looking for a reliable partner to implement this idea?
Or would you like to get your idea ready for starting series production?
We will help you to make your wish true and would be happy to contribute with our experience and existing technology to make more of your idea.
Roschütz Kunststofftechnik GmbH
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